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    Top seller

    Article code 2016022

    Mustachioed Nanny



    Article code 2018052

    Zhenechka the Schoolgirl


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    Article code 2018053

    Dunyasha the First-Grader


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    Article code 2019011

    Mouse King



    Article code 2019010

    Christmas decoration Little Gourmet Mouse



    Article code 2007016

    Alisa the Mouse


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    New arrivals

    Article code 2019005

    Mouse Sima



    Article code 2019001

    Christmas decoration Little Circus Mouse


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    Article code 2019013

    Christmas decoration Mouse in the Slipper



    Article code 2019008

    Christmas decoration Baby Mouse



    Article code 2019009

    Christmas decoration Mouse Yuna



    Article code 2019002

    Little Ballerina Mouse


    About the author

    Oksana Yarmolnik is an artist and designer. She graduated from the Moscow Textile Institute, Faculty of Applied Arts. She was employed by the All-Union Directorate of Circus Arts in the position of an art director. Later she worked as a costume designer for the stars of Tabakerka and the Moscow Art Theatre, with famous directors and scene designers: Oleg Tabakov, Alexander Borovskiy, Boris Messerer.

    Uniquely designed toys

    In 1999, Oksana began manufacturing soft toys in her unique style. Peculiar and exciting, they are liked by children and adults. Now more than 300 different toys are produced in small batches, and new models are added periodically. Unique dolls created by Oksana Yarmolnik are true collectibles.

    A designer doll is an excellent gift.

    Some toys can be considered interior pieces. They decorate the space perfectly.

    If you decide to buy such a doll as a gift, do not hesitate — your friends will be greatly pleased! The owner of such toys takes pleasure in having the rarity, because they cannot be bought in ordinary stores.

    Oksana Yarmolnik’s toys are manufactured from natural fabrics — linen, cotton, chintz, coarse calico, drape, silk and felt. All Oksana Yarmolnik’s toys are made only in Russia!

    The official website for Oksana Yarmolnik’s toys is the only store where you can buy the products at official rates.