About the author

Oksana Yarmolnik is a famous scene painter and designer. She invents interiors and costumes and also writes books.

But her greatest love is inventing toys.

In 2001, Oksana launched production of uniquely designed soft toys.

Unconventional, interesting and very positive — they appeal to both children and adults. Perhaps, it is fair to say that the adults enjoy them even more :)

Small editions of over three hundred of various models are currently being produced, and every so often new amusing characters are invented.

In fact, all these toys can be called interior-purposed — they will brighten up and decorate any room. Many of our customers gather entire collections.

All toys are hand-sewn and made only from natural fabrics. Made in Russia.

Our online store is directly related to production, so it is the go to place for the largest assortment and all the new products.

Our store has many friends and regular customers, so we regularly offer friendly discounts and come up with a variety of promotions. ©

Official website of Oksana Yarmolnik’s toys: www.craftedtoys.ru. Welcome! We are always glad to see you :)